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DCS Logistics – Steersmen for Abnormal Loads

DCS Logistics we are able to provide experienced steersman based on your needs. Our DCS steersman are committed to carrying out all of their duties in a safe, responsible and efficient manner, they are all fully trained and experienced in operating, driving, loading, offloading all types of hydraulic trailer.

With experience ranging from semi-low loaders through to 350 ton girder set trailers our steersmen have the understanding and confidence to be able to pilot the most difficult loads into the tightest of spaces.

Your steersman is also there to be a second pair of eyes when moving in and around site to keep your valuable load and equipment safe and damage free.

All of our steersman are CSCS Health & Safety certificated and have passed a safety critical assessment. All steersman are provided with two-way radios.  They are well versed in in the operation of power steered trailers and are capable of assisting drivers in the loading and unloading of abnormal and wide loads

When you have an experienced DCS trailer Steersman you will know we will always help your drivers in loading and unloading. Our team become part of your team, we have extensive escorting experience, including working with European drivers and many imported loads. All our escort vehicles are equipped with, CB Radio and 2-way radios, safety equipment, Internet Access, Beacons, Front and rear facing CCTV to record potential incidents, Emergency marker boards and lighting, and are fitted for any required overnight stays.

Trust Your Abnormal Load To The Professionals at DCS

We Are Currently Available To Help Move Your Abnormal Load

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