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DCS Logistics Offer A Professional Abnormal Load Escort Service Throughout Most of the EU and Europe – Escort Cars & Escort Vans

DCS Logistics For Professional Abnormal Load Escorts throughout Europe

Here at DCS Logistics we will produce Route Surveys, all the necessary Permits and offer the complete pilot car and escort vehicle facilities required for wide loads,  high loads, heavy and abnormal load transportation throughout Europe and the UK.

If you are looking for highly experienced Exceptional Load Escorts to take large and indivisible items to and from Europe just give the professional team at DCS Logistics a call.

We work with all hauliers and shipping agents and organise all the permits for safe, efficient movement of all your specialised abnormal or oversize loads.

Let us undertake all the necessary route surveys, liaise with the police along your route and procure all the relevant permits to transport large and abnormal loads. We check on every part of the route to ensure the minimum of stress and fuss.

We will use your exact load dimensions to produce an exact route survey, we will identify any problem areas, work out the best solutions, obtain all necessary permits and contact all the relevant Police Forces & Authorities.

Let us plan and arrange the escort vehicles required for the most cost-effective, safe and efficient routes in all parts of Europe.

In Europe, we are used to regularly dealing with all heavy and abnormal loads, wide loads, long loads and high loads. If you are transporting any of these types of exceptional loads to or from Europe give us a call here at DCS Logistics today and let us take the stress away.

We will always do all that we can to create a smooth, safe and stress free journey – we arrange the police notifications negotiate any road closures needed and our escort vehicles & pilot cars all carry two-way radio, traffic direction cones, parking signs and everything else we need to get the journey completed on time and cost effectively. We can also help with escort vehicles for boat and all abnormal load transportation form all European Ports.

We Are Available To Help Move Your Wide Loads, Long Loads and Heavy Loads Thgroughout the EU and Europe

DCS Abnormal Load Escort Specialists Throughout The UK and Europe

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