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We offer a reliable, dependable and professional abnormal load escort service and Pilot Cars, 24/7 Service – nationwide throughout the UK utilising only the best and most experienced heavy haulage specialists who have a huge experience of abnormal loads on all routes throughout the British Isles. We will carefully plan all the logistics for the route, liaise with all agencies and authorities as required and arrange Police Escorts if needed. We can carry out all necessary route surveys and route planning as required.

DCS Escort Vehicles & Pilot Cars

We can supply as many vehicles as required and as are needed to get the job done safely and with the minimum number of starts and stops, which will always ultimately save you time and money. We have a highly experienced team available 24 hours a day 7 days a week – we are experienced not just in Abnormal load escort vehicles and Pilot Cars but in the Heavy Haulage Industry too. When we put together the team that will take the stress out of your escorting requirements.

The highways England Code of Practice says:,

Self-escorting offers greater flexibility for scheduling moves and therefore should enable loads to travel at off-peak times when there is less traffic. This both reduces traffic disruption to other road users and improves journey times for the haulier.

Hauliers involved in the movement of abnormal loads have a responsibility to ensure that each movement is conducted in a controlled and safe manner. This shall equally apply if the load is being self-escorted. Some larger and heavier loads are required to have an attendant, as defined in the relevant legislation

The full Escorting Code Practice can be seen HERE

At DCS Logistics We Follow The Highways England Voluntary Code of Practice Which Is Endorsed by ALL These Organisations.


We Are Currently Available To Help Move Your Abnormal Load

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