DCS Special Projects have just assisted NOSRETI a.s in the safe delivery of a steam turbine for a new biomass plant being constructed in Sandwich in Kent, six months ago DCS logistics were tasked with the job of providing not just the escort’s but assessing the route and site for access.

Six months ago DCS Special Projects performed an initial assessment and report of the of the route pointing out any possible obstructions or impassable sections and putting it in to a full report sending it back to the haulier NOSRETI a.s who then tasked DCS Special Projects with visiting site and working alongside the construction teams on site to plan an adequate route around the construction site.

The site assessment was again written in to report and sent back to NOSRETI a.s and the construction company was given a plan of improvements needed to accommodate the turbine and its transport and planned with DCS special Projects with a revisit date to ensure any improvements had been made and any undocumented changes that may happened to have had been factored into the transport plan.

Working alongside Essex Police DCS Logistics organised a police escort from Purfleet docks that arrived on the 27th July 2017 The turbine was placed on a 5-Axle Low-loader + 3 axle Interdolly with Raise and Lower capability being pulled by V8 MAN 4 axle unit.

On Thursday 27th July alongside the Police escort two of DCS logistics special projects escort vehicles left Purfleet at 09:30am with special permission from Dartford Crossing the 114t gross Vehicle weight as given permission to traverse the Queen Elisabeth II Bridge making its way to the A2 south towards Dover then across the Sandwich.

Once arrived at the biomass plant in sandwich the DCS Special Projects team working alongside the biomass plant constructors and the Heavy lift crane team safely manoeuvring and steering the turbine through the construction site and to the designated lifting area once the turbine had been unloaded the truck and trailer was packed and made transport ready.

NOSRETI a.s requested that the empty transport was escorted back to Purfleet dock for shipping back across to Holland and onwards.