DCS Abnormal Loads Escorts is now launching a new Service to work in partnership with Pilot Services Holland.

Pilot Services Holland are based near Amsterdam.

In conjunction with Pilot Services Holland, DCS is now able to provide Abnormal Load Services within the UK and also across Europe with onward to Ireland.

Peter Priest head of DCS Abnormal Loads Escorting attended the Truckstar show in Holland in October.

During the Truckstar show Peter and his Assistant Manager Carl Garrod explored the tremendous advantages with Win Bakker owner of Pilot Services Holland of providing Europe wide services.

This partnership resulted in DCS and PSH now being a one stop shop supply to all UK haulage companies exporting abnormal loads into Europe and working with Europe based haulage companies importing into the UK.

This merging of services and working systems has made it extremely easy for client companies to access a one stop shop for all their Escort requirements including obtaining Road Planning Permits, advice regarding heavy haulage  requirement’s and  Regulations.

From now on exporting Abnormal Loads from the UK to Europe and importing from Europe to the UK has never been made so easy for the client with DCS Abnormal Loads Escorts and Pilot Services Holland supplying the required escort services and support statutory planning and documentation.

So please send us your European Abnormal Load enquires to projects@dcslogistics.co.uk and see just how easy working as a complete team can be.